Having access to the highest quality polyurethane foams, we can offer to you:

  • standard PU boards with a density ranging from 14 40 kg/m3
    and 2mm thickness,
  • non-dimensional PU boards with a width ranging
    from 0 2400mm,
  • fittings,
  • bonnel springs,
  • high flexible HR with a density ranging from 20 60kg/m3,
  • non-combustible CMHR and REFLEX with the British attestation,
    according to standard BS 5852
  • secondarily foamed with a density ranging from 40 300kg/m3,
  • PU film in rolls with a thickness ranging from 2 5mm,
  • polyurethane technical foams,
  • PU pellets,
  • the company has its own design office, which allows us to design
    any patterns of forms.

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